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Mobile Coffee Bar (aka Coffee & Tea Catering Service) Menu item, "OG": hot, iced or cold brew coffee served black without milk and sweetener.

Coffee & Tea Catering Service FAQs

Making a Booking

If we’re not already booked for your event date and we have staff available, we can secure your booking with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Because bookings made within 24 and 72 hours of the event date are considered “last-minute”, we will charge a $100 rush fee in addition to requiring that the invoice is paid in full.


We are unable to serve outside of the LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Orange and San Diego Counties of California, USA.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee availability for all submissions.

If you’re outside of those counties and don’t have budget restrictions, you may still submit a catering inquiry.

We can create a custom quote for you if any of our packages do not specifically meet your event’s needs.


So, fulfillment of your booking request will all come down to your budget and our availability.


By default, we bring a variety of sugar-free sweetener options as well as non-dairy milk (oat and almond) alternatives for your guests who require them, because hey, not everyone is lactose tolerant! 😄

2-3 weeks before your event.

If your request is submitted less than 2 weeks of your event date, we’ll be unable to fulfill this service.

Payments & Fees

Here’s where you can find our most current starting prices.

1. Package Rates:

Our most popular services are priced using a package model. Because these packages have a starting price, they may increase based on guest count and additional time needed beyond what’s included.

2. Add-ons & Upgrades:

Like our packages, these have starting prices and can increase based on guest count.

3. Note that pricing can change without notice.

The starting prices listed on our website may change without notice.

To clarify: if you’ve signed a contract with us with pricing already set, you can expect to pay what’s included and/or amended to the contract.


Because we have to secure staffing for all events well in advance, clients are required to submit a 30% deposit upfront to secure the booking request.

Therefore, the remaining 70% of the invoice balance is due on the day of the event.

This deposit is refundable up to 3 weeks before the event’s date. Within those 3 weeks, the deposit becomes non-refundable (including bookings made within 3 weeks of their dates).

You may also pay your total invoice balance in full upfront instead of splitting the payment in two.

No, tips are not included in our invoices and are therefore not required by you, the host/client.

We leave it up to you to decide whether you will allow us to accept cash/contactless tips during the event, if you’d like to tip a percentage with the invoice, or forego tips altogether.

If you choose to forego tips, we will not ask for them from guests, but we reserve the right to accept tips if one or more of your guests insist.

All invoice payment processing is done online. We DO NOT accept cash or checks for invoice payments.

See PayPal’s website for information on their accepted payment options.

If your booking request IS NOT within 72 hours of the event’s date:

A non-refundable 30% deposit is required up front to secure your booking. The remaining 70% balance is due on the day of the event. Optionally, you’re able to pay the entire invoice in full before the event date.

If your booking request IS within 72 hours of the event’s date:

These are considered “last-minute” and 100% of the quoted service must be paid up front in addition to a $100 rush fee to secure the booking.

No refunds will be provided for a last-minute booking’s cancelation under any circumstances.

Events within 50 miles one-way of our headquarters in Monrovia, California are not charged extra for transportation.

However, this can and will change based on increased distance. Events one way within:

  1. 50 miles (Standard) – Included
  2. 51-100 miles – Add $150
  3. 101-150 miles – Add $300
  4. 150+ miles – Varies

Cancelation POLICY, rescheduling & Overtime

If your event is canceled more than 3 weeks prior to the event date, you’re entitled to a refund of your deposit and remaining balance if the invoice was paid in full.

If your event is canceled within 72 hours of its date, deposits and rush fees cannot be refunded.

To clarify: we are understanding people, so we are willing to discuss a possible refund on a case-by-case basis due to extenuating or uncontrollable causes of the event’s cancelation.

If your event is rescheduled to a later date, you may keep your booking on our calendar after the deposit has already been paid.

If your rescheduled date falls on a day we’re already booked for another event and we cannot accommodate both events, you are entitled to a refund of your deposit (or the entire balance if already paid in full).

No problem!

We’re happy to stay for up to an hour after the contracted time allows, otherwise we will hard-stop at the contractually agreed upon end of service.

Because you may not think of this during the time of booking, and more likely will on the day of the event, please keep in mind that we will invoice for our hourly rate separately after the event’s conclusion.

Day-Of The Event

It is highly unlikely that we will.

In the event that we do run out of any supplies (i.e.: milk, sweeteners, cups, etc.), an on-site staff member may have to retrieve more supplies from a store nearby. If this does happen, you will not be charged for our oversight.

Setup typically takes about 30-60 minutes, with takedown being about the same. These processes are included within what’s invoiced and will not be charged separately.

Because we use relatively large equipment (tables, our cart, coffee percolators/urns, espresso machine, pastry display, etc.), and if your event is outdoors and we need to bring our own 10×10 sq.ft. canopy, we typically require a minimum of 10-20 square feet. 

However, the more space available to us, the better!

Hosted power is almost always required.

Most of the time, the host has access to a sufficient supply of power. We usually need a minimum of 30 amps for a guest count of 100+.

Because of our power requirement and in the event that power is not already available at the event location, we will require a generator, which may increase the total cost of service.

Running water or access to a ware-washing sink within close proximity to our setup area is a bonus, but not required. 

If this is not available, we are able to bring a portable sink with our own water and waste tank.

Coffee Cart Boys Signature Specialty Coffee Blend, LA Nights, Medium-Dark Roast. Available for purchase via our online shop and at coffee & tea catering service events.

Bagged Coffee and Tea FAQs

Please see our return policy page for details:

Returns and Refund Policy


As long as you have a grinder, you can purchase our whole bean coffee and grind it to your preferred fineness.

If you need to purchase ground, we have that as an option as well for you to use with any coffee-maker that requires it.


Because we don’t sell single-use prepackaged pods, we highly recommend you get reusable K-Cups.

With those, you’re able to order our coffee pre-ground for “auto drip” brewing (medium grind).


Like Keurigs, we highly recommend you get a reusable capsule for brewing our coffee.

From there, you’re able to brew our coffees’ “superfine” pre-ground option using your Nespresso.

No, you can also use our coffee to make cold brew!

In addition to a traditional hot cup of coffee, latte, espresso, etc., our coffee is great as a cold brew.

We recommend that you get yourself a cold brew carafe and reusable filter set online (they’re relatively inexpensive), then order our whole bean coffee and grind coarsely.

Here’s a quick and easy cold brew recipe.

Cascara translates to “husk” in Spanish and is a tea derived from the skin and flesh of a stone fruit we know as the “coffee cherry”.

The coffee cherry’s pit or seed is separated from the cherry’s fruit to become the “bean”, which is roasted and brewed as coffee.

To learn more about cascara, check out our blog!

We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, GPay, Apple Pay, etc.

All products you purchase from us online are processed via Shopify’s merchant processing system.

If you’re visiting with us in person at a catered event, we accept contactless (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, tap cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) payments for tips and for physical product sales. However, we are a cashless business.

GPay (Google/Android Pay) is available on our online shop if you’re using the Google Chrome browser via Android/iPhone/Windows/Mac, and Apple Pay is available if using the Safari browser on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

We ship our products via USPS and UPS for US-based and local deliveries, and DHL for international shipping.

All your orders over $30 qualify for free shipping within LA County, California, USA.

All your orders over $50 qualify for free shipping to the rest of the USA.

Unfortunately this option is not currently available.

Our coffees and teas don’t include literal ingredients described by tasting notes.

Our coffee is just coffee and tea is just tea with nothing added.

They don’t contain preservatives, added sugars, pesticides, artificial flavors, etc. So, if the tasting notes include something you’re allergic to and you’re not allergic to coffee itself or coffee fruit, you’re safe to drink our brew.

If you’re concerned before trying any of our products, please consult your physician for advice.

Many factors can affect what you taste, but the main reason is that our coffee is “unflavored”.

Tasting notes are subjective, and relative based on how you brew your coffee, the water you use and how strongly you brew it.

The notes are also determined by how we have or our roaster has tasted the coffee, as well as how or where it’s grown.

Our coffees and teas are not USDA-Certified or Certified Vegan.

While our coffees and teas are not certified organic by the USDA, they do not include harmful pesticides or contain animal byproducts.

Every coffee we offer is vetted by our roasters who have personal relationships with the producing farms.

Some farms do have their own organic or fair-trade certifications from their respective countries, and/or a certification from The Rainforest Alliance ensuring they’re upholding sustainable farming standards.

We do not offer business-to-business wholesale options at this time (i.e.: providing green or roasted beans to restaurants, etc.).

Our coffees come from a variety of locations!

We’re proud to say we work with several farms to provide different single-origins and blends from around the world.

Visit this page for a current list of where we’re sourcing our coffee beans and teas.

Coffee & Tea Catering Menus

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

"CCB Classics" Specialty Coffee Menu

Available Year-Round

Mobile Coffee Bar (aka Coffee & Tea Catering Service) Menu item, "OG": hot, iced or cold brew coffee served black without milk and sweetener.

The O.G.

Black coffee without milk or sweeteners.

Hot and Iced (Filter) or via Nitro

Mobile Coffee Bar Menu item, "Hussler": hot or iced coffee with white chocolate and caramel with/without milk.

The Hussler

Our own spin on a white mocha latte with milk, white chocolate & caramel

Hot and Iced (Filter) or via Nitro

Mobile Coffee Bar Menu item, "Tuxedo": hot or iced coffee with mocha and vanilla with/without milk.

The Tuxedo

Our own spin on a mocha latte with milk, vanilla & chocolate.

Hot and Iced (Filter) or via Nitro

The Rollo

Our own spin on a chocolate caramel latte.

Hot and Iced (Filter) or via Nitro

The 3 Musketeers

Our own spin on a chocolate, caramel and vanilla latte.

Hot and Iced (Filter) or via Nitro

Cafe de Olla

Coffee and cinnamon, milk optional.

Hot and Iced (Filter) or via Nitro

Summer Tea Menu

Available April – September

Mobile Coffee Bar Menu item, "OG Tea": hot or iced coffee cherry/berry tea served plain.

The O.G.Tea

Plain Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea (aka, “Coffee Berry Tea”)

Served As:
Cold Brew Only

Mobile Coffee Bar Menu item, "Berry Tea Spritzer/Fizz": Iced coffee cherry/berry tea with fresh lemonade, aguas frescas (fruit juice) served with a splash of sparkling water.

The Berry Tea Spritzer

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea with a custom raspberry agua fresca, lemonade, and mango juice blend

Served As:
Cold Brew Only

Mobile Coffee Bar Menu item, "Mintea Mojito": Iced coffee cherry/berry tea with simple syrup, fresh mint and lime juice.

The Mintea Mojito

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea, mint, lime, and simple syrup

Served As:
Cold Brew Only

Winter Tea Menu

Available October – March

The O.G.Tea

Plain Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea (aka, “Coffee Berry Tea”)

Hot and Iced (Percolation)

The Vampire's Nightcap

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea, orange juice, cranberry juice & rosemary

Hot and Iced (Percolation)

The Pumpkin Spice Milk Tea

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea, pumpkin spice, your choice of milk

Hot and Iced (Percolation)

Kids' Menu

Available Year-Round

Rich and delicious hot chocolate in glasses with marshmallows

Hot Chocolate

Water-based with option to add milk and/or whipped cream during service

Refreshing cold lemonade in clear glasses

Fresh Juice

Lemonade and/or mixed with aguas frescas

Food Menu

Available Year-Round

Tasty donuts hot and fresh from monarch donuts. The perfect addition to our coffee catering service!


Single flavor or mixed variety donuts.

Hot and fresh apple fritters from Monarch donuts. Perfect accompaniment to our coffee catering service!

Apple Fritters

Provided in addition to donuts.

Coffee & Tea Catering Packages

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

24 Karat

Starts at:
$ 1,300
  • 👨🏾‍🍳 Barista Service
  • ☕️ Hot Coffee
  • ❄️ Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • 🫖 Hot & Iced Tea
  • 👥 75+ Guests
  • 🕚 2+ Hours

So Extra

Starts at:
$ 800
  • 👨🏾‍🍳 Barista Service
  • ☕️ Hot Coffee
  • ❄️ Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • 👥 50+ Guests
  • 🕚 3+ Hours

Ballin on a Budget

Starts at:
$ 600
  • 👨🏾‍🍳 Barista Service
  • ☕️ Hot Coffee
  • 👥 25+ Guests
  • 🕚 2+ Hours

Package Add-Ons

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Platinum Flex

Starts at:
$ 175
  • 2 custom drink recipes based on your event's theme
  • 1 custom-designed physical menu display specifically for your event
  • 1 custom sticker design placed on hot and cold cups
  • 1 custom drink stencil design for topping drink foam

Goodie Bags

Starts at:
$ 125
  • 1 bag of coffee and/or tea for each of your RSVP'd guests
  • 1 custom label design for each bag of coffee and tea
  • Black or white bags
  • 100 gram (3.5oz) per each bag

Food Menu

Per Person Starting Price:
$ 5
  • Donuts
  • Apple Fritters
  • Plastic Utensils, Napkins, Disposable Plates

Kids' Menu

Starts at:
$ 100
  • Hot Chocolate/Cocoa
  • Juice/Lemonade
Mobile Coffee Bar & Barista Service: Specialty Cascara Coffee Cherry/Berry Tea
New Client Special Offer

10% Off

When you book your first event with us!